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Relatives of deceased Mariupol journalist Natalya Kharakoz found the place of her reburial

29.06.2022, 13:27
Photo: Anna Kotykhova's Facebook
Photo: Anna Kotykhova's Facebook

In Mariupol, the family of the deceased journalist Natalya Kharakoz found the place of her reburial. Her relative, Mariupol journalist Anna Kotykhova announced this and reported this to IMI.

Natalya Kharakoz died on March 29 in the basement, her relatives had been searching for the journalist's body for a long time.

“Her house had been destroyed for more than a week at that time. By the way, photos of it were widely circulating in the media as an illustration to articles about the war. At the time of her death, the city was under round-the-clock bombing, and an appropriate burial had long been out of the question. She was buried in the backyard along with other dead neighbors. When we got an opportunity to go to the city, we learned that this mass grave had been excavated. And then there was the long saga of our search. Luckily, a neighbor had left a note with her name in her pocket," Anna Kotykhova said to an IMI representative.

Relatives found out that the woman had been reburied in the Starokrymsky cemetery. Not among her relatives, but among the victims of the war.

“We decided not to rebury her again near the family, because, first of all, she has been moved around enough, and second of all, it is symbolic that she lies among the war victims. Maybe someday we'll change our mind. But as of now, this is how things are," Anna Kotykhova added.

She posted a photo of the grave and noted where exactly Ms. Kharakoz was buried in the Starokrymsky Cemetery.

As IMI reported, Natalya Kharakoz died in the russian-blockaded Mariupol. She was a journalist, an author, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the National Writers' Union of Ukraine, and head of the "Azovye" literary club.

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