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"Reanimation Package of Reforms" experts appeal to authorities to revise the draft laws

14.08.2017, 15:24
Experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR) consider the draft laws No.6674 and No.6675 concerning public reporting of NGOs, introduced by the President of Ukraine to the Ukrainian Parliament on July 10, to be discriminatory and propose to remove from the drafts contradictory standards, taking into account the RPR proposals. This was the statement of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, which is a group incorporating 80 NGOs, “Detector media” reports. The RPR experts argue that, without consulting with the public, the law that came out contains norms that are not in line with national and international legislation. In particular, establishing strict financial reporting for civil associations, the law says nothing about the reporting of political parties, trade unions, etc. This way, some NGOs are discriminated against. Also, some of the norms (like a requirement to provide the list of ten employees with highest salaries) can constitute danger to NGOs who try to work in areas like the occupied Crimea and volunteers who work with IDPs. Also, there are many technical inconsistencies imposing unnecessary and excessive burden of paperwork on NGOs in question. RPR proposes to consider their comments and to amend the laws (drafts No.6674 and No.6675) correspondingly.
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