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"Realna Gazeta" does not disclose their sources in the occupied territories even within the team

28.03.2023, 15:46

Journalists at "Realna Gazeta" (Luhansk media outlet, relocated. – Ed.) do not disclose their sources in the occupied territory, not even to other members of the team, for safety reasons.

Oleksandr Bilokobylsky, a journalist of the publication, said this in his interview with the IMI.

According to him, their sources in the occupied Luhansk oblast made a video report from the occupied Alchevsk, Luhansk, and other cities.

"And I still can't comprehend how corageous one has to be to work with a camera, to interview people on the streets, in the yards in the occupied territory. I didn't even ask the editor who does these things for us, because I understand it's a question of safety. We have to be very careful here, considering the fate of people who ended up in basements and illegal detention facilities," Oleksandr noted.

He mentioned the journalist Stanislav Aseyev, who arites for multiple Ukrainian publications and had been imprisoned by the "DPR" paramilitary fighters in "Izolyatsia" – a prison in Donetsk, located at a former factory.

"Our sources in the temporarily occupied territory have not been employed by the Ukrainian intelligence. This is actually a painful issue. Not for us, I mean, but in general – both for society and for specific people, because in the temporarily occupied territory, people who provided information for mass media in the government-controlled territory have been accused of 'espionage' or 'treason' and put through hell," the journalist added.

As the IMI reported, Kherson journalist Angela Slobodyan, who had spent about a month in a Russian torture camp in occupied Kherson, testified at the People's Tribunal in The Hague.

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