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Radio Liberty correspondent comes under russian fire along with a soldier

10.06.2022, 16:41
Photo: Radio Liberty video screenshot
Photo: Radio Liberty video screenshot

On June 10, Radio Liberty correspondent Serhiy Horbatenko, along with Roman Ternovsky, a soldier of the 122nd Battalion of the Izyum District Territorial Defense, came under russian fire in Donetsk region, Radio Liberty reports.

They left Slovyansk in the direction of Lysychansk to deliver a backpack from volunteers to a military medic. They drove to the Bakhmut–Lysychansk highway and came under fire by russian troops.

When the journalist asked if they were being targeted, the military said yes.

"Here you saw what the so-called 'road of life' from Bakhmut to Lysychansk looks like right now. Fortunately, we stopped on time and turned around, and, as Roman says, as we were already leaving, there right behind us a shell landed and exploded. In other words, a russian artillery spotter is sitting somewhere nearby and directing the fire on everyone who moves on this road," Serhiy Horbatenko said.

After that, the journalist and the military drove to the city of Siversk, which is being constantly shelled by russian troops. Upon arrival, he saw smoke and no people on the streets.

Later, the journalist and the military managed to take the backpack to the military doctor.

As IMI reported, on May 28, Radio Liberty correspondent Maryan Kushnir and photographer Serhiy Nuzhnenko came under fire by russian troops near Bakhmut, Donetsk region. Journalists had been filming a story about the Ukrainian army's counterattack, and the positions of the UAF were fired upon by russian artillery.

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