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Rada channel refuses to state the reasons for inviting former OPFL members on the air

23.09.2022, 18:39
RAda TV channel
RAda TV channel

Detector Media reports that the Rada TV channel effectively refused to answer their official request regarding the reasons for the former OPFL members – People's Deputies Tetyana Plachkova, Anatoly Burmich and Valery Hnatenko – being invited to the air.

Namely, the media outlet asked why the channel started inviting members of the former OPFL in the last month, if for the past six months the Rada has been ignoring them, and why the channel's hosts did not bring up them changing their political stance and their involvement in the Russian aggression.

In response to the request, the channel said, "Public information is defined by being pre-recorded by any means and on any media, and is at the disposal of the public information manager. A request answering which requires creating information is not considered a request for public information.

"The information you request in the form of answers to questions requires creating and preparation of new information in the form of providing explanations, answers to the questions, analysis, and is not public information as defined by Clauses 2 and 5 of Part 1 of Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine 'On Access to public information,' whose manager Rada TV channel is.

"According to Part 3 of Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine 'On Access to Public Information,' the requirements of this Law only apply to information managers, as defined in Paragraph 2 of the first part, and legal entities of public law from among the information managers, as defined in Paragraph 5 of the first part of this article, in the case of providing relevant information upon request.

"According to Paragraph 1 of the first part of Article 22 of the Law of Ukraine 'On Access to Public Information,' the information manager has the right to refuse to grant the request if the information manager does not possess and is not obliged, according to its mandate provided by the law, to possess the information regarding which the request was made."

It will be recalled that on September 12, the Rada TV channel invited People's Deputy Anatoly Burmich, who had been elected as a member of Opposition Platform – For Life and is now a member of the Rebuilding Ukraine parliamentary group, to join a conversation about the energy industry on the air of the joint telethon United News. He is known for such statements as justifying Russia's demands to NATO, declaring that some Ukrainians are descendants of the Nazis,' etc. After the start of a full-scale war, Burmich said that he did not understand "what for, at what cost, and why" should Ukraine be defended.

Rada channel director Vadym Perenchuk explained Burmich appearing on the air claiming that he is an "active People's Deputy" and "has the same rights as other People's Deputies."

On September 14, one more ex-deputy from the former OPFL, Valery Hnatenko, was on Rada's air. Three weeks ago, he gave a comment to Rada journalists on the draft state budget.

Rada has also invited Tetyana Plachkova, who traveled to Moscow with Medvedchuk in 2020.

On September 19, on the air of the joint telethon United News, Rada's block included a live phone conversation with People's Deputy Oleksandr Lukashev, elected to the Parliament from OPFL. Now he is a member of the Rebuilding Ukraine group. People's deputy, who used to be a regular on Medvedchuk's channels and Nash before February 24, was commenting on education.

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