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Public commission recommended to National council not to admit applications from creative associations and charitable foundations

21.02.2020, 12:47
Photo credit: Ukrinform
Photo credit: Ukrinform

The Public Commission on conference management recommend to the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting not to admit applications from the organizations with the statutes that does not correspond to this one of non-government organizations, and this does concern creative associations and charitable foundations. This decision has been taken at the meeting where the members of the commission heard the lawyer with the National Union of journalists of Ukraine (NUJU). The first deputy chairman of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting Olga Gerasimyuk said it speaking to Detektor Media.

"The commission decided to recommend to the National Council not to admit to the conferences the organizations that do not meet the requirements of public associations, as it is stated in the regulations on participation," she said.

According to her, this interim decision applies to the NUJU and its regional organizations, since this is a national-wide creative union, and not a public organization or association.

Olga Gerasimyuk noted that this was an interim decision of the public commission, and it was necessary to check the activity of the organizations that have applied.

“It takes time for the members of the committee responsible for examining applications to verify the evidence of the specific activities of all the organizations that have submitted. We are not just talking about the NUJU and its affiliates, although it concerns them as well. According to the provisions regulating participation, the non-governmental organizations should have activities in their field, that is, not concerts activities. The Commission will verify this and then submit its proposals to the National Council. On March 5, the National Council is to consider the commission's proposals and to approve its decision, ”Olga Gerasimyuk said.

The public commission includes Olena Andriyenko, Serhiy Boyko, Olga Bolshakova, Vira Ivanchuk, Nataliya Klitna, Anna Kondratityeva, Svitlana Korobina, Eduard Romanchenko and Serhiy Tomilenko.

We will remind that on February 3, the National Council extended the deadline for considering the applications for conference participation aiming to elect members of the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine until February 17.

More than 20 regional organizations of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) have applied for participation in the conference of public associations and associations delegating the representatives to the NPTU Supervisory Board in journalism.

The NGO "Institute of Mass Information" applied to the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting with a request to consider and halt the threat of monopolizing the competition to the NPTU Supervisory Board by the NUJU.

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