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Public broadcaster fully paid debt to Euronews

13.07.2020, 15:17
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The National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (NPTU) has fully paid its national debt in the amount of 10.5 million euros to the joint-stock company "Euronews". The relevant reconciliation act of mutual payments and debt clearance of NSTU to "Euronews" was signed by the parties on July 10, as Zurab Alasania, Chairman of the Board of NPTU, confirmed to  Detektor Media.

The reconciliation act confirming payment of debt and the absence of any other Euronews’ claims against NPTU was signed by the President of Euronews Michael Peters and NPTU Chairman Zurab Alasania.

The debt was paid off in several tranches.

"We regret that the national debt to " Euronews" SA lasted for 10 years and that the Public Broadcaster had to clear the debt from its own budget, which has been was reduced by sequestration this year. We expect that when 15 million euros that had been frozen in Switzerland since 2017 return to Ukraine, the government will pay the cleared debt back in amount of 360 million to the Public Broadcaster and we will be able to implement at least a small part of our ambitious plans for 2020 by the end of the year, " Zurab Alasania said.

According to the guarantee letter sent by Euronews to NPTU and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the company takes obligation to submit all necessary applications to close enforcement proceedings and all court cases in Switzerland within three working days after receiving the last payment. This will allow to return to the state 15 million euros of the financial guarantee which had been allocated for carrying out Eurovision-2017.

According to Euronews, the first applications have already been submitted, and the NPTU monitors the implementation of these obligations in order to return seized 15 million euros to the state as soon as possible.

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