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Pryluky TV complained about obstruction and pressure from unknown people

14.09.2020, 14:02
Photo credit: Screenshot from the video taken by Novyy Chernihiv TV
Photo credit: Screenshot from the video taken by Novyy Chernihiv TV

The Pryluky municipal television company from the Chernihiv region said some unknown persons have prevented them to work and made pressure. This is said in the story of the TV channel "Novyy Chernihiv", as “Detektor Media” reported.

The incident happened in the Pryluky City District Court, where they considered the defamation suit from Pryluky Mayor Olha Popenko against the Pryluky Cossack Regiment NGO for protection of honor, dignity, business reputation and refutation of information was considered.

According to the journalist, the head of the Cossak Regiment demanded from the journalist for Pryluky TV to explain the reason they were attending the sitting for and who had commissioned the story. And after the hearing, several men came to Pryluky TV and demanded further explanations from the journalist.

Pryluky TV is a utility company of the Pryluky City Council, and the chairman of the city council is a party to the litigation. In the story, the commander of the Pryluky Cossack Regiment denied he was making pressure on her.

When strangers came to the TV company's office, Pryluky TV head Iryna Pavlyutina called the police. The policeman told the men to file an official request to the TV company if they wanted any explanation to obtain.

Iryna Pavlyutina said that she had appealed to law enforcement agencies, the Pryluky City Council and the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting. And the head of the neurology department of the Pryluky hospital said that the journalist, who was present at the court hearing, was hospitalized with "a hypertensiс crisis and a pronounced neurotic syndrome."

Yulia Kovtun, spokeswoman for the National Police in the Chernihiv region, told Novy Chernihiv TV that criminal proceedings had been instituted for obstruction to journalistic activities.

It will be recalled that the Pryluky Cossack Regiment got into scrapes and is party to the litigation with the mayor of Pryluk. They entered into conflict with the Pryluky City Organization of Veterans, which the regiment accused of supporting the city authorities. The Pryluky municipal TV company, founded by the city council, covers these conflicts. One of the stories about the conflict between the Pryluky Cossack Regiment and the Pryluky City Veterans' Organization was considered by the Independent Media Council, which concluded that the story was unbalanced, incomplete, biased on the Pryluky Cossack Regiment.

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