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Pryamyy TV crew not admitted to meeting with parliamentary candidate in Kharkiv region

11.03.2020, 13:20
Photo credit: Youtube
Photo credit: Youtube

On 10 February, the TV crew with the Pryamyy TV channel was denied access to the meeting with a candidate for parliamentary election in the 179th district (Kharkiv region) in the village Panyutine. The journalist Khrystyna Nemchenko told IMI about it.

The meeting of Yulia Svitlychna with the voters took place in the assembly hall of the Panyutin railway car repair plant.

The journalist told, the organizers of the meeting did not let the TV crew into the assembly hall for taking video pictures.

"They let people in (to the assembly hall – ed.). We followed the people, but they shut the door just before us and said that we could not shoot it. The woman who said it did not introduce herself. I introduced myself as a journalist, showing my press card, expecting she would say a few words about who she was also, but I do not understand who she is, ”the journalist told.

After that, the security guards came to the door, stood on both sides of the door and also banned the way to the journalists, preventing the operator of the TV channel.

"After that, security guards came to the door. We asked them why we were not allowed inside, whether we could pass. They, such strong men, they took a firm stand and remained like this, preventing my operator from taking pictures: they shielded his camera lens with their bodies. And where I was, they followed me. That is, they didn't allow to pass, to shoot, "Khrystyna Nemchenko said.

The journalist called the police. According to her, the police also tried to get to the assembly hall, but they failed.

"They knocked on the door, no one opened it, the police waited for some time with us excpecting that someone would open it. But then the police officer suggested I write a complaint", the journalist told.

We will remind, on March 15, mid-term elections to the Verkhovna Rada in the district # 179 in Kharkiv region are to take place. The election is due to the termination of powers of the MP from the "Servant of the People" Oleksiy Kucher, who has been appointed chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

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