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Pryamy TV channel claimed its owner searched

07.11.2019, 11:41

The “Pryamy” TV Channel claimed that the residence place of  the owner of the TV channel Volodymyr Makeyenko was being searched, as it is reported on the channel's website.

"The investigator, who came to conduct the search of Volodymyr Makeyenko's apartment, refused to tell which law enforcement agency he represented," - Artem Khomenko, correspondent for "Pryamy", said.

The search was being conducted under a court order. However the law enforcement officer refused to tell which ruling it was, and in the framework of what proceeding.

The “Pryamy” editorial board said that they perceived these actions as "pressure and offensive on freedom of  speech".

It should be reminded that the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating in criminal proceedings about allegedly abuse of President Petro Poroshenko during the sale and purchase of the TV channel. The criminal proceedings were instituted on the statement of the former deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine since the time of Viktor Yanukovych Andriy Portnov.


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