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Propagandists falsely claim that there were cuts in the livestream of Zelensky's UN speech, reports the "United News"

22.09.2023, 12:24
Edit by Channel 24
Edit by Channel 24

The "United News" team says that Russian media are spreading fake news about cuts in the livestream of President Zelensky's UN speech. In the statement published on the 1+1 website (one of the participating channels), the telethon channels say this information is misleading and call on the journalistic community and digital content creators to fight back against the Russian fake.

According to the statement, the fake news first appeared on September 21. It was posted by the pro-Russian propagandist Anatoliy Shariy, who uploaded the edited video on his Telegram channel.

It was picked up by propaganda outletls such as NTV, "Reporter", Perviy Kanal and "Federal Press". Moreover, the statement reads, some Ukrainian and European sources also joined in spreading it. These sources include news websites, Telegram channels and individual deputies.

The authors of the statement point out the inconsistency of the visual markings in the fake news.

"The telethon channels use additional graphic elements: a geolocation, a logo, a ticker tape, which are absent in the fake video. In addition, in the telethon's livestream, the President's speech was dubbed by another speaker, which is also easy to check. The fake video used an excerpt of the President's speech in the Ukrainian dub from the video posted on the TSN YouTube channel, but the excerpt has no other footage from the hall except for the President's speech from the podium," the statement reads.

The telethon team also points out that the original video does not have the 1+1 Marathon logo, which was added to the fake video.

The authors of the statement note that you can make sure that the videos are fake on the YouTube channels broadcasting the marathon, on the OTT platforms archive, etc.

Furthermore, the team adds that this is not the first time that Russian or pro-Russian media use the brand of popular Ukrainian TV channels or the United News telethon to spread misinformation.

"The United News editors call for an investigation into the spread of these fake news in the Ukrainian media space and draw the public's attention to the lack of fact-checking on the part of some Ukrainian media, Telegram channels and certain deputies. It is important that the authors of such posts publicly point out their mistake and inform their subscribers that the information they shared was misleading," the statement reads.

We remind you that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, spoke at the UN Security Council meeting on September 20.

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