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Propagandist who called for the support of russia's military activities will face trial in Ternopil

01.06.2022, 13:09

A Ternopil resident who called on social media users to support the military actions of the occupiers will face trial. The materials of the criminal proceedings with evidence of the propagandist's guilt have been submitted to the court.

This was reported by the SSU Office in Ternopil region.

According to the investigation, the 62-year-old Ternopil resident openly supported the armed aggression of the russian federation and actively disseminated pro-russian propaganda content in his public posts. He also justified the military actions of the aggressor and called for an aggressive war against Ukraine.

"The criminal spread the illegal calls for an armed attack on our state through the Internet, guided by personal ideological and political motives," the statement said.

The Internet propagandist is charged under Art. 436 ("Propaganda of War") of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the sanction of which provides for imprisonment for up to three years.

SSU investigators have handed the information of the pre-trial investigation and the indictments over to the Ternopil Regional Prosecutor's Office for further submission to the court.

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