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Private guards broke journalist equipment at funeral of Symeyiz Mayor

05.03.2013, 06:34
 On March 2, 2013, in Symferopol, at the funeral of late Symeyiz Mayor Kyrylo Kostenko, private guards damaged the equipment of journalists and threatened them with death, "Argumenty Nedeli - Crimea" reported.

According to the Internet-edition, at Abdal-1 town cemetery, private guards stopped any attempts of journalists to take photos or video of the funeral. "Young people did not introduce themselves, they behaved very arrogantly and threatened journalists," - says the Internet-edition.

In particular, unknown people applied physical force to the operator of Neapol TV-channel and damaged the tripod of his camera. "If I will see this in the air, you will be punished. You will have your nose broken"- the guard threatened the operator in front of other journalists and photographers. The operator turned to police with an application about hampering his professional activities.

Because of the threats, the journalists were able to take pictures and video only after the funeral, when the crowd dispersed. However, even that time, an unknown man tried to seize the camera from "Crimean Telegraph" newspaper. The photo-journalist barely managed to defend his equipment.

In addition, according to "Segodnya" daily, the guards damaged the equipment of several correspondents -  on the ground there were fragments of broken cameras and broken flesh-cards.

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