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Poroshenko sues Zelensky demanding release of original 'Bihus tapes' - Interfax-Ukraine

07.07.2021, 16:16
Pryamyy TV
Pryamyy TV

Attorneys-at-law of the fifth President of Ukraine, MP (European Solidarity) Petro Poroshenko filed a lawsuit against President Volodymyr Zelensky demanding that "wiretaping" concealment from the public be illegal and that all so-called "Bihus tapes" in their original form, attorney Ihor Holovan said, as Interfax-Ukraine reported.

"Bihus must relased all 'tapes!' The spectacular interview of Zelensky's channel 1+1 vividly confirmed the obvious implication of the presidential office in the video with the so-called 'Medvedchuk tapes.' The interview left no doubt also that the action directed from the presidential office and executed by, directed not against Medvecchuk and his interlocutors, but against the main political opponent of Zelensky – Petro Poroshenko," the European Solidarity press office said on Tuesday, citing attorney.

Holovan said the journalists' investigation was "more like a cover operation," and also said that Denys Bihus' promise to release all his recordings of conversations had not been fulfilled.

"Instead of releasing recordings in the form that Bihus and the team received from their source (it is clear that from the President's Office, but this is a hypothesis), has given the society three more videos with mounted-remodeled audio. And they are trying to fool us with the timing. First, Bihus said he had six hours of records. Then he 'corrected' not six, but 36. In fact, the timeline of the three videos with all the tapes, according to Bihus, is 35 hours, 9 minutes, 14 seconds," the attorney said.

He accused the journalists of deception and also assured that there might be voices of "active authority" on the tapes, as well as that the originals of the tapes "are of considerable public interest and should therefore be made public."

"Therefore, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of Petro Poroshenko to President Zelensky and the Volume 14 public organization with the demand to declare illegal the concealment of 'wiretaps' from the society and to oblige the publication of all records in the original form," Holovan said.


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