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Poroshenko expects proposals on how to combat Russian propaganda from media community

23.01.2018, 16:33
The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko asked media community to develop proposals concerning an effective counteraction to Russian propaganda and fakes. He said this on January 22 during his speech dedicated to 100 years since independence of Ukrainian People's Republic, and ІInterfax-Ukiraine report. “At those times (in the times of UPR - ed.), there was no notion of “fake news”, but they existed even then. The former head of the government (in the Directory period - ed.) Isaak Mazepa said that the Bolsheviks were right when they later boasted that they became masters of Ukraine using not so much armed force, but the force of their propaganda to the confused Ukrainian masses”, he said. For this reason, the President said, for us it is important to find a way to counteract dissemination of Russian fakes in Ukrainian information space. “Sometimes they are, not without glee, reproduced by our opposition. From time to time, those are “taken” even by the media that position themselves as deeply Ukrainian, patriotic, European. An answer to the question how to combat Russian propaganda that undermines sovereignty and democracy all around the world, which is already acknowledged, is sought after at the level of European Union and its members. We coordinate our efforts with our partners abroad, and inside the country, I count on self-regulation and proposals by the Ukrainian media community”, Poroshenko said.
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