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Poltava online media keep suffering from DDoS attacks and social media – IMI representative

16.01.2023, 13:56

Online media in Poltava oblast are being constantly subjected to DDoS attacks and social media bans.

Nadia Kucher, an Institute of Mass Information representative in Poltava oblast, spoke about this in her interview with IMI.

"Bots are mass flagging posts. The latest case was when Facebook blocked an article by 'Poltavska Khvylia' about a Ukrainian fighter who adjusts artillery fire," said the IMI representative.

Also, according to her, at the start of the full-scale invasion, there were several attempts to create Telegram channels such as "Poltava Z", but they vanished instantly.

"There were none that were 'big', no. There were several attempts. Our colleagues and we found them, but they were dubious, anonymous. We couldn't even establish who ran them. They had 28, at most 40 subscribers. Every now and then there would be separatism-leaning or pro-Russian comments on such popular Telegram channels as 'Trukha Poltava' or 'Okhu*nnaya Poltava', but the admins would delete them fairly quickly," said Nadiya.

As IMI reported, according to SBU, Poltava Mayor Oleksandr Mamay has been notified of suspicion for unauthorized spread of information about the deployment of UAF units, committed under martial law (Article 114-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

According to the investigation, Mamay was leaking data that had not been made public by the UAF General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, or other authorized state bodies.

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