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Police tried to interrogate journalists who interviewed local judge

03.04.2013, 08:34
 On March 26, 2013, journalists of "Agents of Influence" program of NTN television Oleksiy Lakhnenko and Stas Kotyk were filming an interview with a local judge in Glukhivsky District Court of the Sumy Oblast, when there arrived the police and tried to interrogate them. NTN project manager NTN Vladyslav Sydorenko publicized this information in his blog on Telekritika.

According to O.Lakhnenko, during an interview with a judge about the corruption in the judiciary, the local police and an investigative group arrived in the premise. As it turned out later, fellow judges at that time called the police with a request to detain the journalists.

"After the interview, when we were shooting the room, there entered three policemen, a man in plainclothes, and an  investigative team" - said Oleksiy Lakhnenko.

The police proposed journalists to write explanations about the purpose of their visit to the court. After that, Lakhnenko called the NTN lawyer, and told police that he will not write any explanations.

According to Elvira Bikhanova, head of the communications department at the Sumy regional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police was called to court by the head of the Glukhivski District Court.

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