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Police recognizes Trybuna-Brovary journalist as victim in an obstruction case almost a year later

12.10.2022, 14:34

The police has recognized Trybuna-Brovary journalist Dmytro Karpiy as a victim in the case of obstructing access to Brovary City Council Hall last October.

He announced this on his Facebook page and spoke about this to IMI.

"I was recognized as a victim in the case of obstructing journalist activity after all – and it hasn't even been a year. On October 25, 2021, security and the police did not let people, including journalists, to the scandalous meeting of the Brovary City Council's land commission," he wrote.

We remind you that on October 25, 2021, a security company and the police prevented Dmytro Karpiy from attending a meeting of the permanent deputy commission on land issues of Kyiv oblast's Brovary City Council. Although, according to the quarantine restrictions set by the local authorities, he was entitled to attending it. Then Dmytro Karpiy appealed to the prosecutor's office with a statement about obstruction of his journalistic work.

A few weeks later, the Brovary District Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: "Any form of influence on a journalist with the aim of preventing them from fulfilling their professional duties or persecuting a journalist in connection with their legal professional activity."

As Dmytro told IMI that after that, he received no message from the authorities.

"Just a week or two ago, I got a call from the Brovary district police department – they asked me to come for a questioning. I was interrogated, asked to bring other witnesses. According to the police officer, I was given the status of a victim on the day of the interrogation," said Dmytro Karpiy.

In addition, he reported that almost a year after this incident, on October 11, 2022, the police turned to the publication's editor-in-chief Iryna Yushchenko and asked her to state the editorial task given to Dmytro Karpiy at that time, and to confirm that he is an official Trybuna-Brovary employee.

As the journalist noted, he worked for the publication continuously since the fall of 2017 up to November 11, 2021, but was only officially registered from July 2020 to July 2021.

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