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Police questioned Murayev and his bodyguards over threats to Butusov

22.06.2021, 15:44

Police questioned the MP Yevhen Murayev and his bodyguards in the criminal proceedings over the threats to journalist Yuriy Butusov. The head of the main investigation department of the National Police Maksym Tsutskiridze said interviewed by “”.

“We have started criminal proceedings for threats to a journalist. A number of investigative actions were performed. In particular, video recorders were seized from the studio where the the incident occured. The victim, as well as Murayev and his bodyguards were questioned, ” he said.

According to Tsutskiridze, Butusov claimed that there were threats against him, and Murayev argued that no threats were uttered, his bodyguards confirmed that.

He added that cross-interrogations of all involved in the conflict were scheduled also, since the investigators found some contradictory points in the testimonies.

As IMI reported, on April 5, the police opened a criminal case for threatening the editor-in-chief of Censor.Net, Yuriy Butusov. 

On April 2, Yury Butusov reported on his Facebook page about the row with the former MP Yevgeniy Muraev during and after the program "People against" on the Ukraine 24 TV channel.

According to Butusov, during the program he called Murayev a "Russian agent and liar." 

"And when he (Muraev - ed.) started interrupting me, I got up and approached him so that he would be forced to distract himself from the flow of lies and understand that his anti-state appeals would not go unanswered," Butusov wrote.

After the broadcast, according to Butusov, Muraev and his bodyguards went to the dressing room and threatened him with physical violence. 

According to him, Muraev turned to him: “This is my TV channel! Do this again, I'll have you f... ! If it weren't my TV channel, I would deal with you right here! ”

In response, Butusov said he was ready to answer. Then Muraev left.

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