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Police opened case on obstruction to journalists in Kryvyi Rih

20.09.2017, 22:35
In Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovska oblast), law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on obstruction to the work of journalists from the information agency “STOP corruption TV” when they were trying to survey the territory of mining enterprise “Yevraz Sukha Balka”. This was reported by Radio Svoboda based on the information from the oblast prosecutor's office. The correspondents of “Stop Corruption TV” filed a complaint on September 13 - the employees of mining enterprise were obstructing their work. According to the journalists, they were using a drone to survey the territory of the mine, to check information that the mining there is happening, in spite of the enterprise having no valid license for it. The drone had to land on the territory of the mine, and the employees of the enterprise refused to return it. The official reason given in the response of the mining company was that the journalists did not have any documents certifying they own the drone. Also they complained that using the drone in this way is illegal and could be dangerous for the miners and for the property of the enterprise.
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