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Police failed to fund man who assaulted journalist of “Telekrytyka”

21.11.2014, 21:09

Police was unable to find the man who assaulted the journalist, freelancer of «Telekrytyka» Olesia Anastasyeva.

As Olesia Anstasyeva said, the incident took place at 4 a.m. on April 20, at Hryhorenka avenue in Kyiv. «I was standing at a public transit stop. From behind, a man attacked me and started hitting me on the head. When I fell, he continued to kick me. I was screaming, trying to attract attention. A taxi driver stopped nearby. After this, the attacker stopped and went in the direction of building 12 at the avenue», she described the incident.

Police and ambulance was called, yet the journalist decided not to make the incident public at that time. Now, the police, in response to the request, answers it was unable to identify the man who assaulted the journalist. The journalist does not think that she was specifically targeted because of her concrete publications. In her publications, she is covering the work of Ukrainian cinema industry and of the departments related to it.

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