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PO says they did not invite anonymous Telegram channels to the President's press conference

20.12.2023, 11:21

Anonymous Telegram channels were not accredited for the President's December 19, 2023 press conference, Volodymyr Zelensky's press secretary Serhiy Nikiforov told Detector Media.

"There were no anonymous Telegram channels at the press conference. Namely, 'Vertykal' and 'Joker' were not present. Maybe someone was sharing content with them," Nikiforov said.

Detector Media's source in the President's Office also claims that "Trukha" and "Ukraine Today" were the only accredited Telegram channels.

Earlier, the IMI wrote that "Trukha Ukraine", "Vertykal" and "Ukraine Now" reported that they had been accredited for Zelensky's press conference. Journalists present at the event noticed at least one representative of "Trukha" with a corresponding sign.

However, the President's press secretary Serhiy Nikiforov only invited journalists from Ukrainian and foreign media outlet to the microphone.

"Vertykal" and "Joker" (both thought to be affiliated with the President's Office staff) write that there will be "a lot of shocking information" and "important insights" at the press conference.

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