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Petrov and Ivanov publicly humiliate TV presenter Alina Dorotiuk for her looks

30.01.2024, 14:23

"Islandiya" channel hosts Serhiy Ivanov and Volodymyr Petrov made humiliating comments on the looks of YouTuber and TV presenter Alina Dorotyuk in the project "Rozryv". Dorotiuk posted a fragment of the discussion on Facebook.

She noted that there should be discourse about interviews and the audience should have their opinions. "But when I saw two adult men sitting on camera and discussing my looks, seriously advising me to look for an 'uglier' woman than myself among, as I understood it, highway prostitutes (although I would not devalue their beauty nor their work), I suddenly had doubts," wrote Dorotiuk.

She noted that Petrov and Ivanov have a follower base of 500 thousand YouTube subscribers, and such public comments further legitimise shaming women for their appearance.

"As for my subjective opinion... These two to would be better off venting their misogyny at the front line. Not by discussing the appearance of Ukrainian women," the presenter noted.

In her comment to the IMI, Alina Dorotiuk said that for now she would like to hear a public apology. "But I am also considering other options. I consider this an unacceptable isult of human dignity," Dorotiuk stressed.

She also added that she is not acquainted with either blogger and as of now, neither of them have reached out to her to apologize.

IMI lawyer Volodymyr Zelenchuk noted that the bloggers' statements have signs of shaming and the channel may face consequences if the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting sees signs of discrimination in their remarks.

"Undoubtedly, the comments in question by 'Islandiya' hosts can be considered as shaming, responsibility for which is not outlined in the Law of Ukraine 'On Media' explicitly. However, if the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting sees signs of incitement to discrimination or oppression against a certain person based on appearance or gender, then this will be grounds for bringing the channel where such remarks were made to justice," said the lawyer.

In October 2023, political consultant Volodymyr Petrov threatened her with "punishment" which he will decide on himself. This was his response to the editor's critical remarks at the National Media Talk conference. In her speech, Lyhachova noted: "The fact that the NCTRB licensed 'Islandiya' is nonsense. They are the political consultants working for the President's Office, who have no place in any telethons, on YouTube, or anywhere. Vova Petrov is the one who was once bringing titushkas to the Maidan, who beat up Olya Snitsarchuk from Channel 5, he is the one who promoted a bunch of black technologies, and now he works for the President's Office. I am very surprised why no one is telling Bankova St. that this is just a disgrace."

In December 2021, Petrov became one of the presenters on the overhauled state channel "Rada". However, he was officially suspended on the second day after comparing Angela Merkel to a pig. At that time, journalist and blogger Serhiy Ivanov announced that he would stop working with "Rada" if Petrov was suspended, but did not act on this promise. Yet three days later, Petrov was back on the air of "Rada" as an expert together with the host Ivanov.

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