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People started listening to us regarding the need for media silence – head of OC South press center

27.09.2022, 12:24
Photo: Detector Media
Photo: Detector Media

The society and the media started listening to the military's appeals for media silence.

Natalia Humenyuk, head of the joint coordination press center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, said this in her interview with Detector Media.

At the same time, according to her, there are cases when journalists report unverified information.

"Unfortunately. The chase for a sensation is still there, the desire to be the first. Despite the threat that publicity can bring in some situations. It is important to realize that under martial law, disclosing information prematurely and to a bigger extent than permitted may cost someone their life. And some journalists also fear that the military will censor their masterpiece material," Humenyuk said.

She added: she believes that one of the achievements of the press center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine is that they managed to invent a special style of telling people about the events without revealing too much.

"Although, for the sake of a fair and objective assessment, I will say that the people began to listen to and respect our appeals, say, about the need for media silence," Ms. Natalya summarized.

Answering the question on how to protect oneself against false information related to the frontline events, Humenyuk explained that this is exactly what the press center was created for.

"This is an official, authorized source of information that reports exactly as much as is necessary and when it is necessary. In simple words, it goes like this: 'People, the enemy attacked (what with, from where – everyone is curious), damaged or destroyed (we say what, but without too much detail), the victims (we mention them as necessary)." And we must focus our attention on those dangers that may come either as a result of this or due to a change in the enemy's tactics. That is, a culture of presenting information amidst war is already forming," says Humenyuk.

As reported by IMI, Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar said that people who prematurely report on the liberation of territories are "delaying our victory." Also, the Ministry of Defense urges Ukrainians not to name the types of weapons which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using to hit the enemy's targets before the General Staff speaks about it.

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