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On November 19: discussion "How do they play around in online media?"

02.11.2020, 13:26

An online discussion “How do they play around in online media” will be hosted on November 19 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

Do you think all news websites are mass media? Not at all. The vast majority are garbage webites. 

The word does literally reflect the idea. These websites do not filter any information, there is everything about everything. Like in any landfill, you can find something good in them that was found out there by accident. However, this is a rare case, the bulk "smells".

However, this is not only garbage websites which are used to manipulate the content. The real mass media are not without sin either. 

How to distinguish between a garbage website and a true mass media?

Which mass media are the most credible? Wich has least of news viruses.

What are the typical manipulations the online editions use?

Oksana Moroz will talk about this and other issues with Oksana Romanyuk, the executive director of the Institute of Mass Information and a media expert. 

The Institute of Mass Information is a kind of barometer of compliance with journalistic standards in Ukraine. He is constantly monitoring its compliance in the online media and comes out with a quarterly rating of those mass media that abide by them. That is, everyone can immediately realize which media are honest and which are not.


Oksana Romanyuk , Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Information, Media Expert, Representative in Ukraine of the international organization Reporters Without Borders, member of the Commission on Journalism Ethics and the Supervisory Board of National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (NPTU). 

Oksana Moroz, founder of the news hygiene initiative project "How not to become cabbage-head", author of the book "Nation of Cabbage-Heads?" and The Struggle for Truth. She has almost 20 years of experience of work for manipulators.


The event will be broadcast on IMI's Facebook page .

The link to the broadcast will be published on the day of the online discussion.

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