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Occupiers threaten to disable electricity in the occupied Zaporizhzhia areas if people refuse to take Russian passports – NRC

17.05.2023, 17:11
Photo: DTEK
Photo: DTEK

The Russians are forcing the people in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia oblast to renegotiate their electricity supply contracts. This requires the people to have Russian "documents", i.e. passports. The Russians threaten to disable the electricity supply to those who do not do so within 30 days, reports the National Resistance Center.

"For instance, in order to renegotiate the contract, one has to have a Russian 'passport', 'identification code' and 'a title of real estate ownership.' Occupants are given 30 days to compile all the papers and renegotiate the agreement, otherwise their apartments will be disconnected from electricity", the NRC writes.

In this way the occupiers are making it impossible to live in the occupied territories without a Russian passport.

As IMI reported, the Russian occupiers are installing video cameras in the occupied Melitopol to counter the partisan movement. These cameras have large lens resolution, focal length and viewing angle.

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