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Occupiers issue a propaganda ABC for children in Kherson oblast

26.08.2022, 13:17
InfoResist / 24 канал
InfoResist / 24 канал

The russian occupiers issued the propagandist "Kherson ABC" especially for the children of the temporarily occupied Kherson oblast, reports local media outlet Kavun.City.

According to the media, in this book contains short rhymes for each letter, which should convey to the child both the letters themselves (with some local reference) and Kherson oblast's close historical ties to russia.

In particular, for the letter A, a watermelon ("arbuz") is compared to the hero of the fairy tale "Kolobok." The Muscovites, of course, consider the latter to be their own folklore.

For the letter Е, the rhyme tells the children that the russian empress Catherine (Ekanterina) II was the founder of Kherson.

Photo – Kavun.City

In the rhyme for the letter K, the occupiers talk about the Kinburn Spit, mentioning Alexander Suvorov, who "drove the enemies away from the russian shores" through it.

In the rhyme for the letter M, the occupiers call Moscow "our capital," where the child and his mother must go. For the letter N, the occupiers write about "Novorossiya" as "our homeland," from where Kherson children will fly into space.

Photo – Kavun.City

The propaganda represents the letter Ш (SH) with the russian rear admiral Sofron Shubin.

"All that ties him to our city is the war criminal's place of death. In this book, he is called one of our city's builders. In fact, he hardly had time to work on the construction, because he had a rather severe illness which killed him in 1778. It's just interesting, how did Shubin manage to live and die in Kherson even before the city was built?..." the media outlet writes.

As reported by IMI, in Beryslav (Kherson oblast), the occupiers took over the editorial office of the local Mayak newspaper and started printing their propaganda under its brand.

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