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Occupiers in Luhansk are using a stolen Hromadske Radio transmitter for their broadcasts

01.05.2023, 11:56
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Photo credit:

In occupied Luhansk, a stolen Hromadske Radio transmitter from Starobilsk is being used to broadcast the Russian Autoradio. This follows from the information that was made public at a thematic radio forum, reports Hromadske Radio.

When listening to the signal, the autoreceiver shows the RDS (Radio Data System) line with the old Starobilsk frequency of .

According to the Hromadske Radio's technicians, the thieves obviously do not have special equipment that would allow them to reprogram the RDS transmitter.

The Hromadske Radio lost eight transmitters in the Donbas to the Russian offensive, in particular the one in Starobilsk. Currently, only two transmitters still work.

The Hromadske Radio also continues to broadcast in Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, and Nikopol and is waiting for permission to start broadcasting in Kherson.

As reported by IMI, the Russian occupiers have started streaming "Z-FM Frontline Radio" in Luhansk oblast.

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