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Occupiers in Crimea prosecute disagreeable people for criminal offenses, not political ones – Yefymenko

09.09.2022, 13:47
Photo: Oleksandra Yefymenko's Facebook page
Photo: Oleksandra Yefymenko's Facebook page

The current russian government and the occupier authorities of Crimea, which are subordinate to it, charge people who disagree with it not under political articles, but for alleged terrorism, alleged sabotage, alleged espionage, or for transportation of weapons which they plant on the detainees themselves.

Crimean journalist Oleksandra Yefymenko, who had had to abandon business trips to the peninsula due to being persecuted by the occupiers, spoke about this in her interview with the Institute of Mass Information.

"However ridiculous it may sound now, it turned out that the Soviet government was more honest than the modern russian one. Because the modern russian government sends disagreeable people to jail not under political articles, but, for example, for alleged terrorism, or alleged sabotage, or alleged espionage, or transportation of weapons, which they themselves plant. In addition to these thirteen people, we still have three journalists: my colleague Vladyslav Yesypenko, a correspondent for the Radio Liberty project Krym.Realii, who was sentenced to six years in a colony; Oleksiy Bessarabov, who wrote for the Chornomorska Bezpeka magazine at the Nomos analytical center, so we count him as a journalist, too; and now we have the case of Iryna Danilovych," the journalist said.

She stressed that Iryna Danilovych is a demonstrative case of a woman who disagreed with the current "authorities." Iryna is a blogger and activist who ran a Facebook page called Crimean Medicine Unwrapped, where she gave honest assessments the state of Crimean medicine after the occupation. Danilovych is being accused of keeping explosives in her glasses case. This was the alleged reason for her arrest.

"Recently, she handed over a letter from the pre-trial detention center in which she, first, said that the FSB officers were pressuring her not only psychologically, but also physically. That is, they used force on her. In addition, one of the FSB pfficers had said something like 'It's a pity how little they planted on you, they should have added drugs on top.' You see, they don't even hide what they are doing. If earlier they made attempts to 'sew together' an obviously made up case, now they aren't even hiding the fact that they can plant illegal substances on someone to arrest this or that person," the journalist summarized.

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