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Occupiers disable Melitopol's largest Internet provider

08.02.2023, 11:21

The Russian occupiers disabled the largest Internet provider in Melitopol (Zaporizhia oblast), which they temporarily seized, causing an information blockade. Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov reported this on Telegram.

According to Fedorov, since the start of the occupation, the invaders have seized the Ukrainian providers' networks, and the Internet connection has been unstable for almost a year.

"Five days ago, they disabled Melitopol's largest provider, Median, causing an information blockade by turning off the domestic Internet yet again. The people of Melitopol tried to complain, but those living under occupation have nowhere to turn for help. The Gauleiters took stuck their heads in the sand without explaining anything," the Mayor wrote.

According to him, on February 7, it became clear that "Media" had been handed over to the Russian monopolist "Mir Telecom", and in order to use the Internet, residents must renegotiate the contract with the new provider within a month. This can only be done with a passport, Fedorov added.

"Today, people are forced to queue in the bitter cold from 6 in the morning to get access to information," the Mayor wrote.

It will be recalled that Russian troops captured Melitopol of Zaporizhzhia oblast on February 25. Mayor Ivan Fedorov is currently in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

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