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NV website being targeted with DDoS attacks for last five days

12.03.2022, 13:42

The NV website has been targeting with DDoS attacks for the last five days. This was announced by the editor-in-chief Vitaliy Sych on his Facebook page.

"Today, the US representative to the UN Security Council in her speech mentioned Novoe Vrema as an example of journalists who deliver to the world the latest on the grounds facts, despite the risk. […] I am glad that we were able to make at least such a contribution to informing Ukrainians and the world about the atrocities of Russians in Ukraine. And I am glad that we could make at least such a contribution to the reporting to Ukrainians and the world about atrocities of the Russians in Ukraine. I am glad that Russians also have appreciated our work. For the past five days, they have been targeting our site with DDoS, sending 200,000 requests per second. But it still works and will work. We will continue to inform and support Ukrainians - on the website and on Radio NV, " as Sych wrote.

He also said that his colleagues worked during the war.

“Today, a shell flew to my colleague Ania Moroz, my deputy, who runs the magazine NV, in the yard in Kyiv region. Three meters from the entrance, came, but failed to explode.

Another colleague, journalist Ivan Verstyuk, was less fortunate: also today a shell hit the balcony of his apartment in Borshchahivka, Kyiv. He remained alive and well, now he will move to another apartment, "Sych wrote.

As IMI reported, on March 3, the website of NV was hacked .

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