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NV published its editorial code

30.07.2021, 16:21

The Novoe Vremya (NV) online edition has published its editorial code that defines the mission, values ​​and professional standards that the editorial board and top management adhere to. IMI experts contributed to its development. NV published the code on July 30.

The Code consists of 11 sections:

  1. The mission and goals of the editorial board

The editorial code defines its purpose as providing a reliable, balanced and prompt information to the audience about everything it is worth to know in Ukraine and the world in politics, business, technology, health and sports.

The owners of NV, as well as the management of the publishing house Media-DK and affiliated companies do not interfere in editorial policy.

  1. Journalistic standards

It is noted that the editorial board makes every effort to publish only verified facts, to provide information quickly, accurately, objectively and in a balanced way, to separate facts from comments.

  1. Correction of inaccuracies, right of refutation and right of reply

As some inaccuracies have been found out, the NV editorial office corrects them as soon as possible. In some exceptional cases, when the edition makes a substantial quantity of errors and violates the above-mentioned standards of journalism, NV can take down the material indicating this fact and the reason for such measure. At the same time, NV notes that it does not take down the text that someone did not like.

The Code also provides for the right to refute the information that the persons depicted in the publication consider to be untrue. If the information in the publication of NV is reliable, but cast doubts on the reputation of a natural or legal person, the editorial board can afford the right to respond.

  1. Copyright

NV notes that it uses materials, videos and photographs of other authors only in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, as well as in accordance with the requirements of authors and / or primary sources of publications.

  1. Ethical standards of information handling

NV notes that it respects the right to privacy and the right to protection of honor and dignity. NV carefully publishes materials about events involving children. In particular, it does not publish the names of minors who have been or may have been involved in illegal activities or violence.

NV does not pay minors and their parents for information about children.

In addition, NV seeks to restrict the access of minors to materials that in any form contain details of tragedies, images of the dead, body parts and biological components. 

NV adheres to the principle of the presumption of innocence - until a court decision does not call people criminals.

  1. Refusal of any forms of discrimination

NV notes that respect for diversity and equal attention to different points of view is an important standard of NV's work. "NV provides equal opportunities for the expression of representatives of different ethnic groups, races, generations, genders, religions and social status," the code reads.

The editorial board also considers sexual harassment (in various forms), as well as sexist ideas targeting both women and men to be unacceptable.

  1. Behavior in social networks

Journalistic and ethical standards of handling information apply to all official pages of NV in social networks. The editorial board recommends that employees "adhere to a restrained tone and evidence-led style of discussions, as well as avoid any manifestations that may call into question the independence and impartiality of NV."

  1. Policy of interaction with the audience of NV - theeditorial office uses all available channels of communication to take into account the feedback and suggestions of the audience. Each publication has a messaging tool to report about an inaccuracy, a comment option and option to communicate to the editors.
  2. Advertising labeling, advertising and editorial independence

NV says that it does not publish any unmarked advertising. Several types of advertising marks are used in NV: on a blue background - "Company News", PR, "Partner Project", "Viewpoint"; on a green background - "Viewpoint" (political advertising); reprint of advertising materials on the pages of NV in social networks and mailings are marked in the same way as in publications on the site.

  1. Ownership structure and financial transparency

Data on the ownership structure and financial statements of Media-DK Publishing House LLC as the owner of NV are available at the link.

Media-DK Publishing House is financed by investments from the owner, as well as by its own income. It is noted that the NV site is self-sustaining, its revenues are formed from revenues from media advertising (banners), native advertising (affiliate projects), tagged PR-publications, subscribers' readers (paywall), tagged lidogeneration, monetization of YouTube editorial channel and Facebook-monetization (instant articles).

In the 11th section "Management and management of the editorial office of NV" the full list of contacts of heads of editorial offices of NV, management and commercial services is given.

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