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Number of top-managers resigned from ZIK because of new owner

18.06.2019, 17:18
A number of top-managers resigned from the ZIK TV channel, as it has been known that MP from “Opposition block” Taras Kozak, became new owner of the TV channel, as " Detector Media " reported. The director of the department of its own programs production Olga Movchan, news editor-in-chief Roman Nedzelsky, author and presenter Vakhtang Kipiani, quitted the job, and the editor-in-chief of the IA ZIK Tetiyana Verheles. "My ZIC is over. I resigned, " Verheles wrote. "Over the past nine years, many times I have been asked whether Medvedchuk bought ZIK. And each time, it has not been truth. But now it happened, Taras Kozak, a henchman of Putin’s comrade is now owner of ZIK. I don’t see any possibility to continue to work here, " Movchan said. "Officially, the ZIK channel now belongs to Medvedchuk. And tomorrow, I am going to issue the last edition of the "Details" weekly program and am going to look for a new job. A good many times, I have been refuting the reports about the channel's sale, because the channel was officially run by Petro Dymysnky’s management. With these people, I had arrangements on non-interference in the news and the weekly, and I thank them that these arrangements were respected. We were able to make the news and the summarizing program as the editorial board wished it, " Roman Nedzelselsky said. The author and anchorman Vakhtang Kipiani said that he was going to close his program on ZIK. "On the way to the presentation of the book "Case of Vasyl Stus " I have learned that Stus’s lawyer, Medvedchuk, had bought the TV channel which was broadcasting the "Historical Truth - ZIK " for more than six years. We made about 500 issues. As the author and host of the program, I announce that the program is closed. Medvedchuk is an enemy of my country, a murderer of both the past and the future, " Kipiani told. Serhiy Rakhmanin, journalist, also told he ceased to work with ZIK TV channel. "I am compelled to cease cooperating with ZIK channel. The reasons are clear. I thank to my colleagues for the fruitful cooperation," he wrote. As to "TheBabel" edition, the creative team of ZIK would make a public statement within next few days. Also, an anonymous source told many other employees of ZIK would resign due to new owner.
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