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No depleted uranium missiles went off in Ternopil, this is fake news – RMA

15.05.2023, 15:52
Photo: SES
Photo: SES

The news of depleted uranium missiles going off in Ternopil are fake, said head of the Ternopil Regional Military Administration, Volodymyr Trush, at a briefing, reports.

"Now the media are spreading rumors of a warehouse with enriched or depleted uranium in Ternopil. This is fake news," Trush stressed.

According to him, such reports are being spread by those who work for the Russians, as well as by the Russians themselves, with the aim of destabilizing the situation.

"I officially declare to you: no munitions went off during the air raid alert. There is no enriched or depleted uranium in Ternopil. The ecological situation is stable now, after the fire has been extinguished. There is nothing to worry about," the head of the oblast said.

He added that the unpleasant smell in the air that followed the missile attack could be the plastic burning in the affected warehouses.

In general, Ternopil measures the radiation levels twice a day. Currently it is normal.

It should be noted that Russian Telegram channels are also spreading rumors about depleted uranium ammunition being destroyed in Khmelnytsky. Namely, a "Russian military commander", Yuriy Kotenok, has written about this.

Depleted uranium is the substance that remains after most of the highly radioactive uranium has been removed from natural uranium ore. Depleted uranium is used for tank armor, armor-piercing bullets, and as a weighting agent for balancing aircraft.

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