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NikVesti journalist trapped under rubble after a Russian rocket hit her house in Mykolaiv

27.04.2023, 14:38
Photo: Channel 5
Photo: Channel 5

"NikVesti" journalist Olena Kozubovska was trapped under the rubble after a Russian Kalibr missile hit the five-story building in downtown Mykolaiv, destroying it. She suffered injuries to her hands.

This was reported by the IMI representative in Mykolaiv oblast.

On the night of April 27, the Russians fired a total of four Kalibr missiles at Mykolaiv from the Black Sea. Downtown, a rocket hit several multi-story residential buildings. 23 injured persons are in the hospital, about 20 more received medical assistance on the spot.

According to Olena Kozubovska, the shell fell down around 1 am, immediately followed by another one. The journalist remembers that she was already under the rubble.

"At first I thought that the house had collapsed. I was on the floor, covering my head with my hands. My younger sister helped me get out. Then I realized that an inner wall had collapsed on me. I was not injured, only received minor injuries to my hands," says Olena.

The journalist's car was parked next to the house, a fragment of a rocket hit it, causing a fire and burning down the vehicle.

Now Olena and her family are on site of the impact, cleaning out the debris.

Photos by the IMI representative in Mykolaiv oblast

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