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Newspaper "Apostolivski Novyny" wins trial related to its financing by the rayon council

15.09.2017, 17:32
Chief editor of the newspaper “Apostolivski novyny” (Dnipropetrovska oblast) Viktoria Mykhalchenko sued Apostolivska rayon council for failure to fulfill the obligation of financing the newspaper. The court judged in favor of the newspaper. This was reported by “Detector media” with reference to the press service of the National association of journalists of Ukraine. According to the court judgment, the founder of the communal media outlet, Apostolivska rayon council – must provide financial support to the newspaper “Apostolivski novyny” for covering their work. As the National Association of journalists comments, the chief editor of the newspaper Viktoria Mykhalchenko and the staff of the newspaper are skeptical about their chances to defend their rights in spite of the favorable court resolution -  the conflict between the council and the newspaper is lasting for two years already.
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