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National council reminds broadcasters to report on its ownership structure before the 31st of March, if not they will be penalized

18.03.2019, 16:23
The National Council on television and radio broadcasting reminds the TV and radio companies and program services providers they have to file reports on ownership’s structure for the year 2018 until the 31st of March, as to the web-site to the National council. The regulating agency informed that the data could be filed through the Council’s profile module. This data should be applied in electronic and paper form as well. The reports dent after this date will be considered as sent late. The regulating agency informed in case of failing to report the data, the broadcasting company would be penalized in the amount of 5% of license fee for all licenses owned by the infractor. All necessarily information is available on the web-site of the National council, in the heading of “Mass media transparency”. As IMI reported earlier, the Law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine related to guaranteeing of transparency of ownership in mass media outlets, and to implementation of principles of state politics in domain of television and radio broadcasting” came into effect on the 1st of October 2015. This law is to hold liable the TV and radio broadcasting companies and providers to place on its web-sites the data on its ownership structure and until the 31st of Match to lodge the respective data to the National council on television and radio broadcasting.
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