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National Council member expressed distrust to its acting chairman Olga Gerasimyuk

02.08.2019, 13:19
Member of the National council of television and radio broadcasting Serhiy Kostynsky expressed distrust to the acting chairman Olga Gerasimyuk. He demanded to include to the agenda of the next meeting the issue of election of new head. Serhiy Kostynsky stated it in an official letter in response to Olga Gerasimyuk's appeal to the National agency on corruption prevention, in which she asked to launch a probe into relations of Kostynsky and his wife to the civil party “PORA”. As to Kostynsky, on July 30, the National council received a letter from the Office of the President of Ukraine and July 31st, Gerasymyuk sent the inquiry regarding him to the National agency on corruption prevention. At the same time, Kostynsky noted, he was not officially informed of that. “If the Office of the President requires the NAPC to make an investigation regarding my person, I am ready to it and I absolutely support any investigation regarding my person by any government body. But I believe that when such actions are made "in secret", behind the back of their colleague, as to whom the NACP’s investigation is initiated, this is neither ethical nor professional, "he said. In his opinion, Olga Gerasimyuk “abuses her office of acting chairman and acquired rights” and admitted it might have been some political motives for this. “I express my distrust to Olga Gerasimyuk as acting chairman of the National Council, and I demand to include the first question which is the issue of election of the Chairman of the National Council to the agenda of the next meeting. As to the NAPC investigation concerning me, I have to reiterate that I support the initiative of investigation against me, ”Kostynsky said. He added, he was not member of the PORA Civic Party. In her turn, as to "Detektor Media", Olga Gerasimyuk told that the Office of the President sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Justice and the NAPC regarding the connection of Serhiy Kostynsky and his wife Gulzara Artikova with the “PORA” civic party, since such information is in the open register. “I received a letter from the Office of the President asking us not to see into the matter, but to contact the NAPC and the Ministry of Justice to get the information. I am convinced that you couldn’t help but include some information in your declaration, I don’t think that the allegations that you have concealed something are justified. By the way, it is indeed listed in the open register. I asked you yesterday if this was true. I want them to give us the answer that this is outdated data or something,” Gerasymyuk said. - Do not be alarmed, there are no instructions to wipe you out. If you are not member of the party and that information is outdated, simply tell it and that's all. And we will get this information and you will be protected. It wasn't some innuendo against you. " She also dismissed the allegations of secrecy of the correspondence, noting that the letter was sent to all members of the National Council in the electronic document management system. Gerasimyuk also denied the abuse of rights: “I sent a letter not on behalf of the National Council, but on my behalf as first deputy chairman. I did not abuse of anyone's collegial right. " The deputy Chairman of the National Council Ulyana Feshchuk said that she also had not received this letter: “Unfortunately, this letter did not come to me, I looked through the whole document flow system. I also found out that this letter was addressed to lawyers and the HR department - and they did not prepare a reply. It seems strange to me that a letter arrived today - and tomorrow it was already answered. I am curious as well who wrote the answer. ” Olga Gerasimyuk replied that she prepared the answer personally and was entitled to it. Feschuk also stressed that such issues should be discussed between members of the National Council.
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