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National Council checks Kharkiv TV channel because of story recognition of Crimea occupation

31.03.2017, 11:18

National Council on Television and Radio has appointed unscheduled inspection of Kharkiv channel "Prohresyvin technologii ta komunikatsii" (Progressive Technologies and Communications(PTK)). Regulator approved this decision at the meeting on March 30, according to the National Council website.

The Deputy of Kharkiv City Council S.Y. Utyevsky appealed to the National Councilwho, he said that TV channel broadcast a program about Sevastopol Biological Station and the famous hydrobiologists V.O. Vodianytsky, on February 22, the content of which, in his view, is contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine.

The National Council established multi-subject repeated broadcast of the TV program "Pervaia stolitsa" (The first Capital) which has statements with signs of violation of the ninth paragraph of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On Television and Radio". This was established by the National Council after monitoring of TV channel broadcast.

Member of the National Council member Sergei Kostynskyy said that the Russian fund "Russkiy mir" (Russian world) fully covers the cost of production of "Pervaia stolitsa" (The first Capital).
The representative of the TV channel reported that "Pervaia stolitsa" (The first Capital) - is not the channel's project canal, but set up by a third-party.

Sergei Kostynskyy offered to his colleagues turn to the Security Service of Ukraine about cooperation of Ukrainian legal entities with the Russian fund "Russkiy mir" (Russian world).
All members of the National Council unanimously decided to appoint unscheduled inspection to PTK and turn to SBU about television producers who cooperate with the Russian fund "Russkiy mir" (Russian world).

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