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Moskal accused "112 Ukraina" of kindling inter-ethnic hostilities and addressed the National Council

16.08.2017, 17:35
Head of Zakarpatska oblast state administration Hennadiy Moskal requests from the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council to provide an official opinion about the documentary “Operation “Passport”, produced and broadcasted by TV channel “112 Ukraina”. This information was published at the  website of Hennadiy Moskal, “Detector media” reports. Zakarpatska oblast state administration announced that national Ukrainian mass media continue to cover the topic of so-called "Zakarpattia separatism" in a biased manner. They see the broadcasting of the documentary film mentioned above on August 5 by channel "112 Ukraina" as a part of this tendency. “The film is full of misrepresentations, fabrications, manipulations and open lies. It makes a strong impression that the journalist came to Zakarpattia with a formed idea that Hungary prepares seizure of the oblast, and selected for his film only the things (mostly fabricated) that is in line with this concept. And the rest of the facts are ignored or swept under the carpet. This film is an example of kindling the inter-ethnic hysteria, not an objective journalism. The reasons of the bias are not clear, but in real journalism it is unforgivable”, the head of the state administration said. For the context, on August 5 the TV channel “112 Ukraina” premiered its two-part documentary “Operation “Passport”. The first part addresses the situation with issuing of passports in Western Ukraine, and the second covers the issue of dual citizenship in Ukraine, in particular, IDPs from Donbas, whose second citizenship is Russian.
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