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"Missiles need no visas:" Belarusian propagandist threatens Poland's Prime Minister

27.03.2023, 15:16

Belarusian propagandist Ryhor Azaronak threatened Poland and its Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki with missiles.

He spoke about this in the propaganda program "Secret Springs of Politics".

"Sick scum. This shaved peacock is preparing for war. Yesterday he closed a checkpoint on the border with Belarus. He declared that he was going to close the rest. Listen here, you leech, if your przepanstwo dares to do even one provocation – Polonaise and Iskander missiles pass no customs, they need no visas, and that will be the end of the checkpoints themselves, along with your arrogant government," Azaronak said.

Azaronak also threatened EU countries with nuclear weapons. "Warsaw will melt away and Vilnius will sink. We will watch the dull sunset and the rise of the plague mushroom over the Polish swamp. And so the secret will happen. Do not come close, gentlemen, for you will be irradiated. You forced us. And don't start complaining now, you were warned," Azaronak added.

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