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Ministry of Defense obliged women to register for military service. Journalists among them

23.12.2021, 10:49

The Ministry of Defense has approved a list of professions whose representatives will have to register for military ervice. Among them are journalists.

The relevant order of the Ministry of Defense №313 was adopted on October 11, and it came into force on December 17, Ukrinform and ArmyINFORM reported.

The list contains 35 specialties, each of which, in fact, represents dozens of separate specialties of economic activity: from catering, law and economics to publishing and printing. 

Thus, the list includes a large number of popular professions, including doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, programmers, social workers, managers, accountants, journalists, musicians, restaurant and hotel workers, advertisers and more.

For those who evade, there is only administrative liability, including fines of two types. 

Thus, for the first violation of the rules of military accounting, the fine is from thirty to fifty non-taxable minimum incomes. Repeated, during the year of the violation, as well as the commission of such a violation in a special period involves the imposition of a fine of fifty to one hundred non-taxable minimum incomes. That is, a fine from 850 to 1700 hryvnias 9around from $31 to $62).

Employers are fined from three hundred to five hundred non-taxable minimum incomes for their assistance to "evaders" or inaction. That is from 5100 to 8500 hryvnias (about from $186 to $311).

The employer will control the availability of documents on military registration of already working and newly hired workers. He has the right to hire them only with military identity card or temporary IDs.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must ensure that regulations are brought into line with the order within six months from the date of entry into force of the document.

The full list of professions can be found at this link .

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