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Military photographer Arsen Fedosenko killed in combat

11.06.2024, 10:18

Captain Arsen Fedosenko, a photographer for the Media Center of the UAF Strategic Communications Department, died at the front on June 10, reports the UAF StratCom.

"He took photos of Russian war crimes and fell victim to a Russian war crime himself... Arsen was always there when you needed him. In the dugout, under fire, he was waiting for a window, an opportunity to take a combat picture. Always faithful to his profession. Everyone who remembers Arsen says that he was the soul of the group, of the unit, of Ukrainians. This is an unspeakable loss," the post reads.

Arsen is survived by his wife and two sons.

Arsen Fedosenko died in Kharkiv oblast after being gravely wounded by a KAB, says serviceman Taras Berezovets.

Arsen Fedosenko. Photo by Taras Lozhenko on Facebook

Arsen is a sketch artist by education. He took up photography in 1996. He has worked in advertising, took photos at classical music concerts for many years, researched Ukrainian winemaking, organized artistic photo exhibitions, taught children the language of photography, reports the project "Heroes of Freedom".

He joined the UAF in the spring of 2022.

Arsen made the last post on his professional Facebook page on June 6, congratulating his colleagues on Journalist's Day.

"Being open. Accepting and someone else's pain and letting it pass through you. Remaining unbiased. Earning the person's trust. Remembering everyone you talked to for the last time and their dreams. Doing everything so that we know our heroes and do not forget our enemies. Happy Journalist's Day, dear colleagues!" he wrote.

According to the Institute of Mass Information, Arsen Fedosenko is the 82nd media worket who died as a result of Russia's full-scale aggression.

Arsen Fedosenko. Photo by Taras Lozhenko on Facebook

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