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Militants take Ukrainian journalists for enemies, they can shoot them - Roman Cheremskyi

27.01.2015, 15:26

Militants at the occupied territory of Donbas see Ukrainian journalists only as enemies. These are the words of Kharkiv journalist and activist Roman Cheremskyi at the "TV bridge" between Lviv and Kharkiv on the topic «Media and war: which journalism standards are most often violated by mass media, what do they write about ATO in Kharkiv and in Lviv?», which was aired on January 26. Cheremskyi was the prisoner of "LPR" militants for four months, ZIK informs.

He said that he became prisoner exactly because he wanted to give a view from the other side. Instead, Russian journalists are welcomed by the militants. They are everywhere, so local population gets to trust them more because of this.

  Instead, if a Ukrainian journalist is caught filming with a camera, they can shoot you right on the spot. Independent journalists, as Cheremskyi says, also cannot really work there freely, as one needs agreement of the militants that they will cover everything that happens "in the right way".

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