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Militants of "DPR" do not want to exchange Aseev – former MP

13.12.2017, 21:03
Former MP Yehor Firsov informed that it is currently unknown if before the new year they will manage to include Stanislav Aseev (Vasin) (journalist from Donetsk kidnapped by the militants on June 2), to the exchange lists. He wrote about it in his Facebook, “Detector media” reports. “Before the new year, prisoner exchange is supposed to happen. They intended to exchange “all for all” initially. But in the process of negotiations, complications emerged, as our party requested 94 people, while "LDPR" party is ready to give back only 74. At that, their position about those 20 remaining people remains unclear. Unfortunately, among those who they do not want to exchange, is Stas Aseev (Vasin), Ukrainian journalist who was kidnapped. As far as I know, “DPR” is extremely hostile to Stas, they acknowledge the kidnapping, but refuse to exchange him”, - Yehor Firsov said.
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