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Metropolitan Pavlo Lebid tried to kick the microphone out of "Espreso" reporter's hand

30.03.2023, 14:56
Photo: Espreso
Photo: Espreso

On March 30, Metropolitan of the UOC MP Pavlo Lebid tried to knock the microphone out of the hand of "Espreso" correspondent Valeria Pashko while speaking to journalists at the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. This was reported on the channel's website.

Lebid pushed the correspondent away and tried to knock the microphone out of her hand. "I didn't invite you! I don't want to talk. This is not a state institution and I'm not a state official. I'm telling you once again, get out of here," he said.

In her comment to IMI, Valeria Pashko said that she wanted to ask Lebid why he was on the territory of the Lavra, since the UOC representatives had been supposed to leave the premises by March 29.

"In the end, we walked away from the crowd of parishioners around Pavlo, so as to avoid any further provocations. We never managed to get a comment from him. Later, he started being rude, saying: 'You look nothing like a human,' and cursed at us," the correspondent said.

She added that either Lebid's bodyguards or his parishioners pushed her away from him. During the incident, Pashko told them that they were hindering her journalistic work. The journalist said that she would file a police statement about the attack.

As reported by IMI, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy inspected the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (men's monastery) of the UOC MP and the territory of the Lavra and discovered multiple violations on the part of the monastery.

The UOC MP was supposed to leave the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra by March 29.

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