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Mention of journalists removed from the bill on reimbursements for disability or death caused by the war

22.03.2023, 13:57
Photo: lookatmedia
Photo: lookatmedia

The mention of journalists has been removed from the bill No. 7353 on one-time financial reimbursement in case of disability or death caused by the Russian war.

Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Social Policy and Veteran Rights Protection, Mykhailo Tsymbaliuk, confirmed this to IMI at today's Committee meeting.

According to him, the move was initiated by Committee member Oleh Arseniuk. The latter explained at the meeting that Ukraine has a law "On state support for media and social protection of journalists", which already provides for "considerable social support and protection of journalists."

"Thus, in case a journalist dies while reportig, their family members shall receive one-time financial aid from the state budget in the amount of 100 subsistence minimums for able-bodied persons. In case a journalist is wounded, gets a concussion, trauma, or is disabled while carrying out their professional duties, they will receive a one-time financial aid from the state budget in the amount of 50 subsistence minimums (Article 18). Moreover, journalists are subject to compulsory insurance at the expense of the employer or any other legal sources in case of harm to their life or health suffered while reporting," Deputy Chairman Mykhailo Tsymbaliuk said, quoting Arseniuk verbatim.

As IMI reported, on March 20, the Verkhovna Rada adopted draft bill No. 7353 "On one-time financial aid for loss of life or health caused by military aggression against Ukraine, wounds or death while performing public service, working at a critical infrastructure facility or carrying out professional journalistic activities".

According to the explanatory note, employees of critical infrastructure facilities, civil servants, local self-government officials, and journalists will be able to receive a one-time financial aid on case of receiving a diasbling injury due to the hostilities while performing their work. The payment for disabilities of III, II or I group, caused by concussion or other injuries, will range from UAH 200 to 800 thousand.

At the same time, the comparative table to the bill shows that the mention of journalists has been removed from the final draft.

As IMI reported, in May 2022, six NGOs founded the International Journalist Insurance Fund in Ukraine. Independent media representatives going to the combat zone, the occupied territories, or the liberated territories (within one month after the liberation) can get insurance there.

In July 2022, the Verkhovna Rada adopted draft bill №7367 on providing additional protection guarantees to journalists working in the areas of military (combat) operations.

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