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Media worker in Rivne receives a funeral wreath at his front door

03.07.2023, 18:06
Photo: Vlad Isayev
Photo: Vlad Isayev

On July 3, unknown persons in Rivne placed a funeral wreath at the front door of a news agency's chief editor, reports the Rivne Oblast National Police.

The Rivne resident, aged 42, contacted the police at around 7:30 and reported that unknown persons had placed a funeral wreath with an inscription containing his name in the apartment building's hall.

The victim has no idea who could have done it. Police officers have inspected the scene and recovered the physical evidence.

The police has opened a case for threats to a journalist in connection with his legal professional work, classified under part 1 of Article 345-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The police are working to identify the persons involved in the crime.

The maximum punishment stipulated by the article is up to three years of imprisonment.

The funeral wreath incident was reported on Facebook by the Rivne media worker, Vlad Isayev.

"While our valiant police were looking for (or pretending to be looking for) the people who set my car on fire two weeks ago, this is the 'gift' I found at my door this morning as I went out for a run. The city's safe, you say? Are the 90s coming back?” he wrote.

In his comment to IMI, Vlad Isayev said, "I cannot comment on anything while the investigation is in progress. I wrote everything I could on Facebook."

Photo: Vlad Isayev on Facebook

As IMI reported, on June 14, the car of the Rivne-based media worker Vlad Isayev was set on fire by unknown persons. He believes that this has to do with his journalistic work.

In his comment to IMI, Vlad Isayev noted that he was an editor at the news agency "Zakhidny Argument", although the agency no longer has a website. The last post the news agency's Facebook page was made back in 2021.

Isayev used to be a reporter for the newspaper "Rivne Vechirne", an editor for the website "Press Center", and the founder of the Telegram channel "Stierlitz", which posts revealing information about the government.

Isayev also told IMI that he did not know which ones of his articles could have triggered the arson. He refused to comment on the events while the police are working.

The police have opened a case for deliberate damage to property by way of arson (Part 2 of Article 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The police are looking into multiple theories about the crime, one of which takes into account Isayev's journalistic work.

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