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Journalist's car set on fire in Rivne

15.06.2023, 17:23
Photo: Rivne office of the National Police
Photo: Rivne office of the National Police

Tonight, the car of the Rivne-based media worker Vlad Isaev was set on fire by unknown persons. He believes that this has to do with his journalistic work.

Isaev reported this on Facebook.

"I have spent my entire conscious life as a journalsist – a critical journalist. Therefore, the only explanation as to why my car was set on fire tonight is my work, which someone is intimidated by. And this 'someone' is so fearful that they didn't even have the courage to speak their grievances to me in person. So they simply set my car on fire," Isaev wrote.

In his comment to IMI, Vlad Isaev noted that he was an editor at the news agency "Zakhidny Argument", although the agency no longer has a website. The last post the news agency's Facebook page was made back in 2021.

Isaev used to be a reporter for the newspaper "Rivne Vechirne", as well as an editor for the website "Press Center".

Isaev also told IMI that he did not know which ones of his articles could have triggered the arson. He refused to comment on the events while the police are working.

Photo by Vlad Isaev

The press office of the Rivne National Police has said that they had received reports about a car being set on fire on June 15 at 3:45.

A resident of a building next to which the car was parked heard an unknown sound in the morning. Looking out the window, he saw sparks in the front part of the car, after which the car's alarm went off and the car went ablaze.

"Information on the deliberate damage to property by way of arson has been entered into the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations under Part 2 of Article 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine," the police said in their statement.

The fire damaged the front part of the car. The police inspected the scene, recovered the car and transfered it to a special location.

The police has multiple theories about the crime, one of which takes into account Isaev's journalistic work.

Vlad Isaev has filed a statement with the police and gave a testimony to the law enforcers.

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