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Media Movement supports UP's stance on unacceptability of pressure

18.06.2020, 16:55

The “Media Movement for Conscious Choice” expresses its support to the web-based edition Ukrainian Pravda’s stance and its independent editorial policy, in particular its coverage of the trials of ex-president Petro Poroshenko and activist Serhiy Sternenko, as Detektor Media reported

We have to remind that the task the mass media have, is to cover all facts and opinions on conflicts, with no preferences to none of the parties. That’s why the pressure on the independent mass media is unacceptable from any side of the conflict.

The full text of the Ukrayinska Pravda’s statement is available hereas it was published on June 16:

"Statement by Ukrayinska Pravda as to the cases of Poroshenko and Sternenko

For 20 years of its existence, Ukrayinska Pravda has always stood on the principles of independent journalism, democracy, protection of human rights and the right to peaceful protest.

Our country has paid and continues to pay a high price for the possibility of change.  

So, we are convinced that yesterday's events in and outside the Shevchenkivsky court, where an activist Serhiy Sternenko was remanded in custody, and the recent events surrounding the fifth president Petro Poroshenko are out of line with the Ukraine’s modern history.  

Sternenko's trial makes us think of a hastily directed show with an ending known in advance. And the footage of activists being beaten by law enforcement in court evokes painful memories of the period before the Revolution of Dignity, when handcuffs and batons were attributes of police permissiveness, rather than law enforcement.

At the same time, the number and quality of cases against the former president are more like a maniacal search for clues aimed to imprison Poroshenko at any cost, and resembles ordinary revenge, rather than a conscious desire to render justice.

The irony of circumstances wants that Poroshenko knows better than anyone else about our fidelity to principles and impartiality, as he has repeatedly been subjected to meaningful criticism from Ukrayinska Pravda." However, now, as a person suffering from selective prosecution, he can count on our attention. 

Like everyone who faces injustice.    

At the same time, we would like to dwell on the rhetoric that Poroshenko's and Sternenko's supporters sometimes resort to regarding UP journalists.

We don’t find it worthy of civil society. Discussion should always be held with respect. Without engaging in ad hominem attacks and insults. It is wrong to defend some and to despise others. We suggest to you and to your friends to stop this harassment and avoid employing such a hostile tone.

Ukrayinska Pravda is an edition that has its own civic position, which we have repeatedly expressed. This textiIncluding.

But despite our views, as professional journalists can we turn a blind eye to the facts? No, we cannot. Should we write only thing that one party likes, should not we? Definitely not.

We value and defend our independence. Ukrayinska Pravda was founded and remains headed by Ukraine journalists since 2000. We consider as one of our greatest achievements our independence from political parties and big business, which has been preserved since its foundation to this day.

Any attempt to influence our work by politicians, activists, officials or business representatives (anyone) can be seen as pressure, and any attempt to limit our right to report facts to the public can be seen as an attempt at censorship. "

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